The ATOS Scale evaluates the degree that the patient responses demonstrate the Achievement of Therapeutic Objectives. This scale was developed for Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, but the variables are common factors in most therapies. For example, does the patient show behavioral evidence of gaining insight into his or her problems? Or motivation to resolve those problems? Or a deep experience of the warded off feeling? The ATOS Scale is like taking a blood level measurement by giving 1-100 ratings; in other words how much of the therapy is getting into the system?

The ATOS Coding Manual

The full ATOS Coding Manual is available as a pdf or a rtf document. This manual contains a one page brief overview of treatment objectives in 20-point objectives as well as more detailed 1-100 Scales for the 7 Treatment Objectives.

Click here for the pdf version and click here for the rich text version.

If this is your first time using this site

To use this part of the program you will have needed to watched a practice video, listened to an audiotape or read a transcript of a practice segment and made ratings for the main objectives in the ATOS scale. You should have these ratings with you along with your specific examples upon which you have based your rating. Alternatively, if you have a dvd/vcr you may also use this program to enter data as you make the ratings.